Women Entrepreneurs: Fashion & Visual Entertainment

Va$htie Kola
Va$thtie Kola is a video director, clothing designer, party planner and entrepreneur. At the age of 25, in 2006 L.A. Reid, President of Def Jam asked Va$htie to be a creative consultant for Island Def Jam. Later that year, she started a monthly 90’s influenced party, titled 1992. The party grew in popularity and was a hit among many celebrities, such as Jay Z, Jermaine Dupri, The Clipse and Maxwell. In 2008, she launched her clothing line, VIOLETTE. Va$htie’s most recent accomplishment was in 2010, when she was the first woman to design
 an Air Jordan sneaker, influenced by her line, VIOLETTE

Coco & Breezy
Coco and Breezy are young twin fashion eyewear designers. Coco and Breezy received constant teasing and stares from their peers at school due to their eccentric style. The twins decided to wear sunglasses to hide from the constant bullying, as a result the idea for their line Gamela Amor was born. At the age of 18, the two women moved from their hometown Minneapolis, Minnesota to New York City to further their careers in fashion. Various celebrities have been seen wearing Gamela Amor, such as Serena Williams, Ciara, Kelly Osbourne and Nicki Minaj.

Kesh Kumari
Kesh Kumari started her career as a fashion designer/stylist and Internet blogger. As she established herself among celebrities in the fashion industry, she transferred her focus to photography and visual art. Kesh recently launched her new website, www.keshcontinues.com, which is a compilation of her blog and artwork. Kesh has worked with Kanye West, Solange, Theophilius London, and J*Davey.

Kesh Kumari's artwork, titled, "The Eye"
Kesh Kumari's modeling her line of T- Shirts.